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Can I be very honest with you? I’m not really much of a movie person but I still find time to at least see good movies if they come highly recommended. Since we are at home on lock down and quarantine, you might have crave to watch one or two interesting movies.
Our movie choices matter and it’s my interest that you do see some educative and engaging movies which are also beneficial to your Christian faith. I have seen about 6 of these movie recommendations and I must confess that they carry imprinted lessons for every one of us. Let’s get to it

15 Favorite Movies For The Lock Down


This movie is absolutely my choicest movie for centuries. It is packed full with useful lessons for couples and singles preparing for marriage. The Kendrick brothers really pulled it all out despite the criticism on the movies which portrays a way back into the heart of spouse who has grown distant from us, a daughter whom we do not have a foothold in their life neither memories to share or a husband who happens to be a jerk and a flirt.
If there be any more lesson I picked up, it was the introduction of discipleship relationship between Clara and Elizabeth. I will leave you with this catch phrase form the war room “Don’t fight your husband on your own, duck, so that God can hit him” we all need a war room in our lives. It doesn’t necessarily have to be full closet but a quiet corner of the house where we can host the organic presence of God.


After suffering a family tragedy, Mack Phillips spirals into a deep depression that causes him to question his innermost beliefs. Facing a crisis of faith, he receives a mysterious letter urging him to an abandoned shack in the Oregon wilderness. Despite his doubts, Mack journeys to the shack and encounters an enigmatic trio of strangers led by a woman named Papa. Through this meeting, Mack finds important truths that will transform his understanding of his tragedy and change his life forever.


Life changes overnight for Coach John Harrison when his high school basketball team’s state championship dreams are crushed under the weight of unexpected news. When the largest manufacturing plant in town suddenly shuts down and hundreds of families begin moving away, John must come to grips with the challenges facing his family and his team. Urged by the school’s principal to fill-in and coach a sport he doesn’t know or like, John is frustrated and questioning his worth … until he crosses paths with a student struggling with her own journey.
“The movie OVERCOMER is about identity, an issue that everyone deals with. Everyone needs to answer the questions: ‘Who is God?’, and ‘Who am I?’, and the Scriptures deal with both of those things. When a person discovers who they are in Christ, it opens up an understanding of how they can live that out in a daily basis in what they do in their relationships with others,”


God’s Not Dead 2 – Key Art
High school history teacher Grace Wesley (Melissa Joan Hart) comes under fire for answering a student’s (Hayley Orrantia) question about Jesus. When Grace refuses to apologize, the school board votes to suspend her and threatens to revoke her teaching certificate. Forced to stand trial to save her career, Grace hires young lawyer Tom Endler (Jesse Metcalfe) to defend her in court. Endler devises a powerful strategy to show the jury the historical significance of Wesley’s classroom discussion.


Miracle in cell no 7 is a South Korean drama film released in 2013, about a mentally challenged man who was wrongly imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. The film explored his attempt to live his life in prison while keeping his ties with his daughter


Facts—solid, substantial, incontrovertible—are the only currency the rising young reporter trades in. “We are atheists,” he tells his young daughter, Alison, before bed one night. “We believe in what’s real, what we can see and touch.”
Lee and his young wife, Leslie, once shared the same skeptical perspective on facts and superstition. But when Alison nearly chokes to death and is saved by a conscientious Christian nurse at a restaurant one night, it rocks Leslie’s belief system to the core. Alfie, the nurse, tells the couple that she had a sense that she needed to have dinner at that restaurant that night. It wasn’t luck or coincidence she was there, but Jesus’ plan so that Alison might be spared. This is next on my list of movies to watch


Mother-in-law is an eye opening mount Zion movie on the relationship that exist between daughter and mother in laws. The movies opens with the story of a young woman who prays that her mother in law be deceased but little or no does she know the Lord has a better plan for her life. Mother in law is packed full with subtle lessons we can each learn as we prepare for marriage and even how to relate with our in laws. By so doing, we may win them to Christ in love regardless how evil they appear at first.
Read the review of the movie here


From the stables of mount Zion. Gbemi was adapted from the novel “Gbemi” written by Ella Mike-Bamiloye. It is a romantic-comedy Christian movies It tells the story of a young woman who goes through the trauma of abuse by her father as she struggles with forgiving her birth father and also opening up the doors of her heart from a relationship with any man. When she finally does, it turns out the man was a cheat and a married man. The twist comes when she finally meets bro John who had been heartbroken by many ladies in the past as well.


A former drug kingpin romances a religious woman in this faith-based drama. The opening credits of the new faith-based drama I’m in Love With a Church Girl are enough to scare off even the most savage film critic from giving the movie a negative review — listed among the executive producers is none other than God. But even at the risk of eternal damnation, one must press on.
It’s when the street-savvy Miles, who still hangs out with his former partners in crime, meets the lovely Vanessa (Adrienne Bailon) that he truly begins to reconsider his life. As you’ve undoubtedly guessed from the title, she’s a devout Christian who, minutes into their first meeting, asks Miles what church he attends.
“Right now I’m kinda between churches” is the best response he can muster.

I’m Yet To Watch These Ones


A retired police officer, despondent over the loss of his family, contemplates a dramatic decision which will change his life forever, until he meets a mysterious woman who, through her personal stories, gives him a reason to re-examine what is most important to him.


When we are weak, God is strong! After a year of marriage, Devin Wheeler is grieving the death of his wife at the hands of young men who robbed and stabbed youth pastor Matt Daniels. Meanwhile Matt is demanding answers from God. When their lives intersect, how will they answer the question “Would you love God for nothing?”


After learning that she has two months to live, and her husband asking for a divorce, Heather has to decide on whether she should fight for her life or save her family. With lots of prayer, she decides to save her family.
We all know that time is one thing we can’t get back, and life can become so busy that we tend to forget what are most important, God and family. What would you do if you had two months to live, a failing marriage and a home that’s not in order? This is the scenario Heather is facing. She’s dying of cancer, her husband is having an affair and her children doesn’t have a good relationship with they’re dad. To change the direction of her family she comes up with an unusual plan to strengthen her marriage, create a stronger bond with their children and re-establish a relationship with God in her family.


Courageous Love is a faith-based romantic drama movie. This film follows Alex Shelby, as he encounters romance and intrigue in trying to save the family business that he has just inherited. Corruption in a new building project threatens to shut down the company. While working undercover at the New York City branch office he falls in love with the employee he came to investigate. Alex must make a difficult decision to save his company from impending collapse or to follow his heart.


A modern day Prodigal Son returns to his hometown in Ohio to face the life he left behind. By confronting his broken past, he rediscovers his faith and reconnects with his first love, Grace.
A modern day retelling of the Prodigal Son, A WALK WITH GRACE follows a widowed L.A. businessman, Nate Lassiter. After his mother passes the week before Easter, Nate returns to his hometown in Ohio to sign away his family’s factory. As Nate continues to face adversity, a divine intervention helps him reconnect with his first love, Grace. With the power of forgiveness, community, and God’s love, Nate begins to see all the glory that has been missing from his life.


Pastor Jacob needed a date. So he hired one.
A young, single pastor needs a date quick for a big church dinner so he hires an escort. But as she becomes more entangled in his life, her demands become more outrageous. Now he must navigate a moral mine field as he uses the unholy alliance to advance his ministry career. And things get more complicated when he starts to fall in love with her.
The new comedy from the writer/director of “The Virgins” explores church politics and relationships, and how loving your neighbor can be difficult when she’s extremely attractive.


A young seminary student loses his wife to a drunk driver and turns to alcohol. Ten years later, John is finally ready to get his life back on track.
Johnny St. James was a young seminary student who lost his wife to a drunk driver. With his reason for living gone, John lost his faith and turned to alcohol. Ten years later, John is finally ready to get his life back on track. With his best friend Hickey (‘Eric Roberts’) in tow John attends his first AA meeting. He soon finds that his road to recovery tested when he runs into the man who ran down his wife.
Which movies are you seeing now or have watched on the list? please leave a comment about any of the movies and the lessons you learnt from them as well. Have you got movie recommendation? please let me know in the comment box below
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