December 5, 2023
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6 Proven Steps To Grow A Consistent Walk With God

6 Proven Steps To Grow A Consistent Walk With God

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How do you build a consistent walk with God? Do you walk with God daily? My bad! Was I too straightforward? Let’s try again with an analogy this time. At the end of the post, I’m sure you will understand why I asked if you have a consistent walk with God. If you lack one, you’re sure to build that consistent walk with him today.

Do you have a skin care routine?

Every lady has a skincare regime. It could be a stereotyped routine of simple face cleanser, face toner, face wipe and BB cream for glow and shimmer.  Might also be a spiced up routine consisting: of aloe vera gel, honey, sugar and turmeric for lightening.

For what’s worth, she follows it everyday morning and night religiously and as prescribed by every beauty influencer on YouTube. Why go through all the stress you ask?  Well, to have that desirable popping skin complexion, get rid of all the dirt and unclog the pores. A girl has got to look glowing after all right?

Are you wondering how I know all these?

A year ago, I had a major breakout on my face and some parts of my body as well, I couldn’t decide whether it was acne or eczema.  In no time, the rashes kept spreading and itched badly. My face turned red in those parts and seemed like a different segment from the rest of my body. I was insecure and would always try to cover it with a lot of foundation before going to class because I didn’t want to endear questions I had no answers to.

Eventually, I stopped trying to cover it up and left it bare as it was while applying treatment and the rest of the YouTube beauty influencer’s routine.

Now, don’t act like we all don’t google “how to take care of my skin every day on YouTube or Google search. Well, I’m guilty as charged

What relationship does skin care routine have to do with building a consistent walk with God?

In addition to my fine guilt over skin routines and the rest. Do you know what else I’m also guilty of? I bet you are guilty of the same. That is building a consistent Christian routine. Now, when I use the word routine someone might interpret it to mean a ritual- some kind of regimented and stereotyped way of worship like we were taught to do: read your bible, pray in some manner every day, meditate, fast and be holy.

The above-mentioned forms the bedrock of our study but more in-depth than that drawing inferences from a sermon I listened to sometimes. I was really convicted. Surprisingly, it marries with the reply I sent to a friend a few days before that…what can I say? The spirit is one right?

She said: “I’m no longer comfortable with my prayer life. I lack consistency in my prayer life. Please I need help…

This is the transcript of the voice note I sent to her; summarized. “You need the discipline to build that consistency with God; which you seek”

Imagine if we were half consistent in our walk with God as our skin regime?

We would have turned the world around by now. Alas! We keep going up and down, fluctuating like the country’s economy. While heaven wonders why we are yet to walk more closely and consistent with God. I know you seek to do but you don’t know-how.

This is why I took it upon myself to write to you. To instruct you on proven steps you can take to build a consistent walk with God.

My friend is an engineer and he builds houses from scratch to finish. I have seen him come home a couple of times with the skeletal frame. Other times, a 3D representation of the proposed building. Then he proceeds to study it carefully to implement it to have the massive structure we all see and admire.

You can build a consistent walk with God if you decide today. If only you can put your feet down and follow an already drawn and mapped out a skeletal framework to bring you to that height and depth with God.

So,we will not draw back from thee, quicken us lord and we will call upon your name

Psalm 80:18

As a web designer, I work a lot with frameworks and prototypes; it makes my life easier than building from scratch with all the coding languages involved. Likewise, the framework and prototype you need to build a consistent walk with God is hidden in the holy books and told by men of witness who have walked this path

The fathers and patriarchs we celebrate today and aspire to be like all encountered this same problem of building a consistent walk with God. Except you are a hungry, strict and disciplined person, you will at some point fall out in your consistent walk with God.

The first tool to build a consistent walk with God

I’ll show you a tool to build a consistent walk with God. That tool is hunger. Hunger is what makes a man get up in the morning and instead of reaching for his phone, he grabs his bible instead and stays on the bed then to the bedside and on his feet.

The first tool you should beg for as you read this long blog post is that ‘God grants you hunger’. Even at times when your table is full and everything is just out of tune; hunger keeps you coming back for more.

That is why I placed that scripture above for you to read and meditate on. I sure hope that you did. If you haven’t; go back, read and meditate then pray it. It’s been my daily prayer for the past few months. When a man is quickened by hunger; he will go searching for food even if it’s in the middle of the night.

Hunger lets you know that there is a monarch in Zion who is capable of satisfying you. The only step to take now to make sure that you are satisfied daily is to build a consistent walk with him

As the deer pants after water brooks so my soul longs for you

Psalm 42 vs 1

A handful of us have difficulties cultivating a consistent lifestyle or a routine to help us grow. Just like my skincare routine; which I abandoned after a few weeks. You could also have issues trying to keep up with God and that’s because you believe that it is the huge sacrifices and leaps you take in God that will push you to the intimacy you seek.

Have you ever been in a relationship?

There I go again being all forward and up-close. Inquisition gets the best of me every time. I’m sure you know that already. Some persons might call me ‘Amebo’

You will understand how to build a consistent walk with God if you have ever been or are in a relationship. There are ups and downs in every lovely relationship. However, what keeps those two moving is far more than just the love they have for each other.

What makes a person stay in a relationship even when she is treated badly is that she finds it difficult to leave the security and comfort she has built around that person. She is scared of finding another.

Sis, do you recall the first time a guy walked up to you and expressed his love out of the blues? He may have even approached you like some of my brothers popped the question and asked you to go pray or think about it as your conviction allows.

Tell me the truth, when that relationship started, did you love him immediately? Even if you did, did you understand him immediately? When did you start to know yourselves better? My guess is through the daily chats, calls, visits, dates and fellowships.

Do you now see with me that you need to build a consistent walk with God? Why should you do that? You will find out as we progress. Building a consistent walk with God won’t happen immediately. It is not rocket science. You can start now; to become more consistent if you apply every step I teach you today. On the other hand, it is not a hit and run affair like the one night stands we know and is trending among young people

Some of us love rapid growth. You will find them at every church program but you will never find them in their secret place. I’m a God freak and I attend a lot of programs too. However, I have come to understand that church programs won’t help me build a consistent walk with God. Special events act as a propellant to your growth.

As I write, I’m reminded to tell you that growth is a process. You need to understand that my growth process and dealings are different from yours. The only technology which quickens mine and makes it a lot easier is CONSISTENCY. I dress up and I show up every day. Lobatan!

 Each time you look at your life and discover that you are drawing into perdition and misery over your growth in God. Perhaps, trying to draw comparisons with that of your friends, you are fast-tracked to a path of doom by the enemy because that is his best strategy

Depressing moments which attack your walk with God

A Facebook friend of mine posted a funny video of her begging and cajoling the son to start walking already because his mates are. Several persons left comments asking the mother to let him be; he will grow at his own pace.

Dear girl, there is a leading for me to address this issue real quick so I don’t leave you worse than I met you.

Babies, do not grow at the same pace, they could be born the same day but some babies have faster growth while the others have a slower growth rate. It still doesn’t mean that the child won’t crawl or walk. You just need to give such a child time to catch up.

All the child needs is to build a consistent routine; crawling as he used to, standing with the table as a support system. A step a day, even if he falls on his behind; he will cry then get up and try again consistently.

You might be surprised that he will start reading before the others. It’s the irony of life. You need to understand that a consistent walk with God is what the Lord seeks of us. Steady baby steps till we get to where he wants us to be.

We will never be permanent, consistent; if we seek things to do on our own in order to quench the void inside of us. Seek an inner satisfaction that comes only from time spent with God.

I am pressing this point because I know that there are so many unhappy spirit-filled believers who lack a clue on what to do with their dry and unfulfilled lives.

God’s word says: Be ye not drunk with wine as it leads to debauchery, be filled with the holy ghost

Our stomachs never stay filled if we don’t keep eating and drinking. One good book, one bible study or one connection with someone can never satisfy our thought life. Hence, one encounter with God is never going to keep us contented spiritually

We’ve heard of men like Kenneth Hagin. You adore Kathryn Khulman, you can’t grow to that height if you skip the path of consistency. Now quite sulking and being depressed and unhappy with God for not pushing you to a greater height and get back to the quarry site.

What happens when you grow quickly?

A house built on a sandy structure and foundation cannot stand for long. The wind comes and the floods wash it away. There is no deep rioted believer without a strong foundation in God. The reason we have so many babes in the household of faith is that men skip the protocol of process and just hasten their growth.

No routine, No tutelage, no bible study life, no consistent walk with God. Just one prophetic accuracy and he’s pronounced an apostle.

Do you have a track record? What happened to the infrastructure called the cross? What happened to the protocol of myrrh? When Babylon comes to test your foundation, do you know what happens? You might fall back to lust, to addictions simply because you don’t have a routine. You haven’t built a consistent walk with God.

You must learn to grow steadily. Remember the old adage slow and steady wins the race, it’s the same principle at work in our walk with God.

How to build a consistent walk with God?

Read your bible, pray every day” do you remember this song? I sang it a lot during our teen’s conferences and fellowships. Dancing excitedly and joyfully pursuing God first because our mothers said it was good. Secondly, for the biscuits they gave us. Don’t look at me like that!

Suddenly, we came of the age where the zeal burned in our hearts and the struggle to rise immediately to the apex began. It rose so fast that we forgot the lyrics which taught us everything about building a consistent walk with God.

Six Steps to build a consistent walk with God

  • Hunger- You need to be hungry enough to desire that consistent walk with God. If we don’t establish hunger as a greater parameter. Then, there’s no need to speak to man who do not want to build a consistent walk with God. How bad do you want to know God? When I gave my life to Christ newly; up till the moment I entered the university till now. What made me to wake up daily thinking of God was hunger. There were times I went without food. We put ourselves on the ‘no study no food for the day’ rule. If you ask me, consistency is simple but you need a currency called hunger

  • Have a prayer time table-Listen to me. Having a time table isn’t a thumb rule or stereotyped deal to get you into alignment. Having a steady time when you seek the face of God helps your mind. Your body gets accustomed to whatever it does every day. People who pray during midnight hours can attest that when that time is close, they just open their eyes without the aid of the alarm or anybody. It might be difficult at first but with time, you get used to it if you are consistent.
Jesus woke up daily and went to a solitary place to pray
  • Learn to stay with the word-But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord.The word of God is our template for consistency. It keeps you wanting more and needing more. More importantly, use a devotional and a writing pad. Most persons do not observe their quiet time with a notepad anymore. You need to get one to write instructions down and take journal entries of your study.  A devotional gives you some sense of responsibility and it keeps you on your toes. There are lots of interesting devotionals out there especially on Youversion app. You can download it on your phone and study with your friends. On the other hand, Writing helps your understanding and makes reading the bible less tiresome and boring for you

  • Have an accountability partner-Who are you accountable to? I once signed up for an accountability program when I wanted to start writing my book “Truth or Dare”. I intentionally paid for the program to help my focus. You need lots of strategies to stay above distractions and sea level, my friend. I run a WhatsApp online forum called women on the Frontline. A forum for young Christian women who seek to grow in their walk with God. In addition, I still have lot more groups I joined to keep me fired up. Don’t build your relationship with God in loneliness, isolation and solitude alone. Except you’re on a retreat, building a consistent walk with God thrives more with systems around you. One of such systems is called accountability. Read my post on the kind of friends you need in your life here.

  • Join a bible believing community- You cannot build a consistent walk with God as a lone ranger. Don’t just be a ‘Sunday medicine’ kind of Christian. The type that goes only when there is a special function or on the 25th of December. Worse is using God as your back up plan. Tired or not, weary or weak, find a balanced church around you. The body of Christ is where you can be taught the elements of your faith and pruned to excellence. A healthy church helps to keep you on your toes to build that consistent walk with God.

  • Have a discipler or mentor-Every serious Christian needs a higher authority whom they can submit to. You need people who can always reset your head and put you on checks and balances. They want to make sure that you are walking with God consistently. Having mentors in our life helps to make sure that we don’t derail or fall back behind standard. If you really value and honor your disciple, you wouldn’t want to be caught playing truancy. Mentors helps to set our feet strong towards building a consistent walk with God.


Many things will test your faith. Old habits will want to rear their ugly head during your downtime. The only solid structure capable of saving you asides from all things is the track record you have built over the years. The track record of a consistent walk with God.

Quit complaining about where you are and look through the binoculars of the spirit to see where you ought to be. There is a place of intimacy that reaches out to you but it says to tell you that you need to build a consistent walk with God.

One brick over the other and you will build that consistency where all that matters is the will of the father. Intimacy and communion are best understood on the platform of consistency. How consistent are you in your walk with God? Will you start today to build that consistent walk with God?

Tell us the steps you are taking to build a consistent walk with God in the comment box below. If you were blessed by this post, do share it with a friend who will love to read from us.

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