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by Precious Oli



My name is Precious Ngozika Oli but in this little corner of the internet and beyond, I am known as A woman on the frontline

Precious Ngozika Oli is the chief editor and founder of Heels magazine for every Christian woman. Heels magazine is a timeless magazine for Christian ladies documenting the stories of ladies in faith. The magazine contains loaded and uplifting articles as well as bible study samples and kitchen conundrums

She is the Lead Coach of the sisterhood community for Christian women ” Women on the Frontline, Africa”

Precious is a Web designer, Blogging coach and book Consultant, a Branding expert, faith and lifestyle blogger, Blogging coach, Productivity coach, book consultant, baker and an entrepreneur.

She is passionate about the establishment of a Christ centered femininity, purpose driven life for women and building them up for global relevance.

Precious is a keynote speaker for young adults and single ladies. Hence, her podcast “Under the duvet” where she has guests over to discuss through the peculiarity, struggles, relationship and purposeful living for the Christian girl.

Precious Oli is a Nigerian, from the Eastern part  of the country. she is  first Child and the only girl among Four younger brothers.

She loves cooking (edible and spiritual foods) so most times you might meet her with a jotter and a biro, some good music or sermon is an addition or better yet tucked under her blanket at her leisure times.

The Christian life is all about learning and growing so she does not take her bible study and prayer times for granted.


Thank you so much for choosing to spend time with me.

This blog was created to provide support and encouragement for the Christian woman(especially single Christian women) who would choose to stand on the front line for the Lord.

I have always longed for a platform where I can connect with fellow ladies and talk prayerfully about those uncomfortable, shameful, controversial yet important areas and pasts that affect us.

These include growing our relationships, marriage matters, making the most of our singleness, building faith, loving even when it’s hard, accepting who we are, dealing with envy, and learning to forgive.

You will also find resources on starting your own blog and growing your readership and audience

I want you to remember that this blog is about you. Helping you on your Christian journey through scriptural insight, prayers, affirmations, devotionals and developing meaningful relationships.

I send out a weekly soulful newsletter, every Thursday where I go deeper into the things that affect us as women and a declarative prayer every Tuesday.

For more information and free resources, you can subscribe below.

I pray that the good Lord will help us become true women on the front line and dwell richly in the knowledge of him. Amen.

Precious Oli xoxo

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