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Are you a 21st Century women? Are you plagued by daily challenges in your walk with God? Do you have questions concerning your faith in God and Unlocking the mystery of scriptures? Do you need an unquestionable reason for your recruitment into this “God Move.

Guess what? You’re not alone!

The Purpose of this blog is to share bits of my life, my journey with God, life adventure and teach you one or two things you need to know to grow in your walk with God unto a perfect and wholesome woman

We have been forged through the thickets and fiery furnace, the zeal of our father’s house consumes us and we can’t help but draw our sword to fight this evil of the society and slash disorderliness, immorality of seduction and depression to a point of tranquility.

We bleed on our knees until Zion is birthed. We are women on the frontline.

We emerge to occupy every sphere of influence. We are spiritual yet politically aligned, potentially equipped and academically furnished

Feel free to hang around and engage…The Christian journey is a call to Faith Battle

A Woman On The Frontline

Precious Ngozika Oli is the President of Women on the Frontline International and the chief editor of Heels Magazine. She is a faith and lifestyle blogger, a Web designer, a Blogging/ book publishing coach and an entrepreneur.
As a teacher of the word of God; she seeks to help Christian women grow in their walk with God, identify their purpose and attain a stature of maturity in the image of Christ

A Woman On The Frontline


The Christian journey is a call to faith battle. You will be faced with doubts and questions about your Faith. The question is why do you believe? I have a lot to share with you on this tiny space of mine. it will be a pleasure to grow with you and study with you to unveil more. Feel free to hang around and enagage…Read More