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by Precious Oli

We appreciate your interest in sharing a bit of your faith and wisdom with our increasing readership base. If you’re already a Christian blogger, we can’t wait to hear from you! If you are just getting started, you can contact me here for more helpful guide


  1. You are submitting your articles for the sole purpose of sharing your faith and wisdom to encourage/help others.
  2. You wrote the article you are submitting and not claiming another person’s work as your own.
  3. You allow Precious Jewel to promote your articles across all social channels.
  4. You allow your work to be edited for any readability needs.
  5. You are submitting posts discussing aspects of the Christian lifestyle which are not entirely in a poem format. We do not accept those kinds of submissions.
  6. You understand we hold the right to reject publishing an article for any reason.
  7. You agree to be subscribed to our mailing list, though you may unsubscribe at any point.

Still eager to contribute? If so, great! You may now follow the steps below in order to submit your articles properly.


  1. In the subject line of your email, write “Contributing Articles.”
  2. In the message box, write a two to three sentence bio (in first person) and note that you have read the submission terms.
  3. Include links of no more than three of your best articles (posts) and links to all blog-related social media accounts.
  4. Include a picture of yourself no smaller than 200 x 200 in dimensions. This will be used for your author profile. The image must be in color, have no text or graphics on it, and your face must be clearly seen (no sunglasses, hats, or other items in the way).
  5. Send your email to submit [at] [email protected]

Please understand that you agree to grant us republishing rights to any articles you submit, unless what you are submitting is just a sample of your writing ability. If so, please mention that in your email. This is important for bloggers who only want to write unique content for us to promote. For bloggers concerned about seo impact, we comply with canonical links upon request.


  • Once your articles have been approved, you’ll be supplied with login information for the site. You can then save your posts as drafts for review. Limit drafts to three at a time.
  • Precious Jewel holds the right to reject publishing an article even from approved contributors, though this is rare.

That’s it! If you still have questions, contact us

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