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After much consideration and approval, an invitation is being extended for you to become the first set of The Frontline Bloggers. It is my utmost joy and expectation to have a family of Christian Bloggers on the Frontline publishing balanced doctrine, accurate word and truth born from personal convictions and encounter with God.

Being a part of this family is completely voluntary but tasking. You’ll be exposed to a lot of processes rigorous exercises and trainings

Feel free to sign up even if you’ve never written for any blog before.

Filling the form doesn’t grant you an automatic acceptance. You could be rejected if you do not meet the blog criteria

The ultimate criteria is to be saved and have a lively walk with God

Did you meet the ultimate criteria? Fill the form

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A Woman On The Frontline

The Christian journey is a call to faith battle. You will be faced with doubts and questions about your Faith. The question is why do you believe? I have a lot to share with you on this tiny space of mine. it will be a pleasure to grow with you and study with you to unveil more. Feel free to hang around and enagage…Read More