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Why do you want to be a blogger?

I had a friendly chat with a client over starting her blog few days back. The question above was what I asked her. I still deem it fit and impressed in my spirit to pose the same question and challenge to you.

Do you really want this? Don’t just assume that you want to blog as a hobby and a great way to pass time. Blogging is serious business for me. Recently, I got to learn that creating contents and writing should not be treated as a hobby. I love writing but I don’t treat it as such rather as an investment and a talent given to me from above to nurture and employ to transform the lives of men.

Every opportunity, late nights, data and courses I have paid for over time learning the art and SEO was to build myself and set me on a path towards becoming a colossus in this field. It gives me immense joy each time a reader leaves me a comment on how a blog post helped their life

Let’s get on with it then.

why do you want to be a blogger

Why do you want to be a blogger? Be very honest and sincere.

There are several reasons people want to start a blog:

  1. As a hobby: Some persons don’t really take blogging as a business. To those persons, it’s an escape route out of boredom and its fine
  2. To establish an air of authority-There are several blogs like mine which started and runs on the note of effecting an air of authority within a niche or sphere of influence. For e.g: a fitness blog owned by a gym instructor.
  3. For influence and impact: Several social and celebrity influencers start blogs for the label. “Blogger” sounds like a fancy name and maybe adds a little boast to their portfolio
  4. To make profit: Its simple, they just want to make money and gt out of your way. Some persons hate the sound of that. I hope you don’t cause money is good energy and incentive. Making money while offering value from what you know is even better.

All the above reasons are all from places of interest and priority.

What is blogging?

A friend of mine asked me a very funny question yesterday: what is blogging? Due to the ridiculous nature of the question, I referred him to google because it was basic knowledge but after he probed; going back and forth to google. I obliged him and explained in details. Figures he was just pulling my leg.

Then, it struck me that you, could also have the same question. Let’s get it off the way first.

What does it mean to be a blogger? Not just any click bait; word peddling writer but a creative blogger who wishes to make impact, build authority and possibly generate profit through their blog. I have seen sad things so-called Nigerian bloggers do and it cuts my heart.

When did we reduce blogging to just releasing naughty news, fake stories and click baits? I hope you won’t be like that as well.

Blogging is, at its core, about helping others who’re interested in the same thing as you. When you know something about a certain topic, with your blog, you have a unique opportunity to share what you know with those who want to know what you know.

As a faith and lifestyle blogger, I get the opportunity to share my walk with God with my audience, share lessons on productivity and help people like you, start their own blog

In the process, by helping your audience learn something, you also generate profit. Sometimes it’s in exchange for teaching your audience, other times you promote external products (or your own products) that you know will help your audience further.

Essentially, it comes down to a delicate balance between educating your audience and promoting and selling to your audience. Because the said audience is at the same time your students, as well as your customers.

Sure, there are other types of blogs. Some bloggers treat their blog like a journal or a diary. Like travel bloggers and food bloggers who are not in for the money like how I started my own blog just for impact and authority in the field of productivity and to help single Christian women.

Even if you are a hobby blogger, who cares? Blogging is a great sphere of influence. Just be careful of treating it as a hobby or you could burn out and only show up once a while. Why? It’s just a hobby and hobbies can be forfeited for more important activities. Hobbies are only employed during seasons of boredom and leisure.

However, if you plan to monetize your blog while doing the thing you enjoy and helping your audience at the same time, it’s all good vibes up here

why do you want to be a blogger

There are five essential requirements to blogging.

Foundations to put in place if you want to attract organic traffic and devoted readers to your blog.

  1. Write quality and consistent contents- you need to dress up and show up. It’s as simple as that
  2. You need to drive traffic to your blog- You can’t start a successful business without customers. Traffic by every legal means (Be careful how you source for traffic through black market backlinks) if you don’t want to get blacklisted and flagged by google panda and flogged terribly by Google penguin ( The funny animal names though)
  3. You need to build an email list (many bloggers tend to not prioritize this, and that’s a BIG mistake!)
  4. Learn a little about SEO- Maybe not everything immediately cause SEO takes quite a while for new blogs but if you get a hang of it, you will enjoy having your blog rank first page in google search
  5. Start making money.

Everything that you do with your blog somehow aids one or more of the five aforementioned criteria.

Blogging is a juice dripping system, and in this system, juice flows through every pipe, and each little effort affects all the other results.

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Sounds too complicated?

Think of blogging as a system which revolves around what a man sows he reaps. It’s an interconnected system.

I also want to mention that blogging takes time.

It’s not a get-rich-overnight scheme. It’s also not easy. You cannot expect to start a blog and suddenly get tons of visitors on your site. You have to dress up and show up every day ready to sell your contents, maintain old readers and attract new readers.

So, Blogging will take time and effort, you will need to exercise patience and perseverance. One of my students screams each time he calls or visits and my eyes are glued to my laptop either writing, designing a website or designing graphics on Canva

To exercise patience and perseverance, you will need to have a winning mindset. You cannot let failures stop you from trying, because let me tell you, there will be times when you’ll fail. You’ll invest in a product and realize it was a waste. You’ll implement a strategy and nothing will come of it. But unless you have the mindset to see this through and learn from your mistakes and failures, you won’t succeed in blogging.

You will need to look at your competitors in your niche as teachers and mentors, and of course, competitors, and NOT as obstacles. Trust me, they’re not.

Here are more habits you must build to be a successful blogger

  1. You will be writing a lot: Writing may not come natural to you and so you descend to hating it. You’re going to be in big trouble if you don’t learn to write or at least outsource your contents to others. Blogs thrive on good contents and good contents are written by determined and creative individuals
  2. You’ll have to be OK with promoting and selling: This is the part most persons hate right? Promoting their contents. The bitter truth is that you have to tell people that you own a blog and that you have contents they need to read. Think of selling and promoting your contents especially the free ones as sharing a valuable material that can save someone’s life.

When you view it from that angle, it makes it a lot easier to understand that not sharing your contents is in fact, wickedness. You have to grow your fangs for promoting your contents because nobody will do it for you

  1. You’ll need to make some investments.Not a whole lot, but to be a successful blogger, you have to accept the fact that some investment is necessary. If you’re super broke, sure, do not let that stop you from starting.

The beauty of blogging is that it doesn’t take much to start. But keep in mind that if you want to grow your blogging business, you’ll have to be open to the idea of investing in it eventually. Through courses, platforms, networking and branding. Even old houses use a little remodeling sometimes

It’s up to you now to figure if you really want to be a blogger. I do not intend to discourage you rather to make sure you have the truth at your fingertips.

Do leave a comment, like this post and share to other persons. I hate hiding valuable contents, you shouldn’t do the same


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Eileen Cornelsen December 3, 2020 - 8:40 pm

Hello, Precious. My name is Eileen from Houston, Texas. I have been seriously contemplating starting my own Christian Blog for some time now. The Lord has given me the gift of writing; however, life and a stressful job took a big toll on personal dreams. But now I’m in a new season and old dreams are resurrecting themselves.

In my research on Christian blog sites, I came across your website and was thoroughly impressed. This particular blog post encouraged me to keep taking the steps needed before launching out into the deep. So, thank you, Precious. I will continue to glean good things from your posts.

Blessings from the USA,

Eileen Cornelsen

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