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Why I Quit Blogging For A Whole Year
Why I Quit Blogging

Why I Quit Blogging For A Whole Year

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What do you think I’ll tell you in this short story of mine? I quit blogging because I lost interest or I quit blogging because I got a new life. Can you guess?

Since I decided to write bare and raw truth to you withholding nothing. I’m putting this post together to share my story about taking a rest from blogging for one full year. Keep reading to find out why you must take this break whenever you feel that you and your blog even your social media life needs a rest.

In 2019, I decided to start my blogging journey. It was a conscious decision and a permanent one. I had done all the calculations and drawn out a plan to help me sustain the spirit of writing daily articles for my readers. My blog was set to be a faith and lifestyle blog mostly dedicated to women. At that time, all I knew about my ministerial assignment was women-focused. I used to think that God would have me teach women alone.

After a few years of blogging, I was called home to rest and rethink my blogging journey. It was a quick one but I was so sure the Lord was calling me to a place of fellowship and genuine equipping.

Do I want to continue or shut down forever? That was the next battle I faced throughout the year. Since I’m writing to you, I believe that tells you that we are back. However, some things are going to change around here. No more business as usual. We’re fully stepping into our scribe garments and ordination to bring the gospel in its raw and unedited form.

During this long break, I have managed to see the lapses of the online space, the dissemination /spreading of heresies and unfounded teachings which are intentionally written to lead men astray. My response? “Lord, I am available”!

Why Did I Quit Blogging?

1. I Got Fed Up-Totally Fatigued and Tired

Blogging at first was a way of reaching out to an online audience. It was my online ministry for young people seeking materials to consume. I can’t explain at what point or day, suddenly blogging became tiring. I was always tired and lacked enough motivation. It almost felt like I was missing out on what to write and talk about. I was fed up with writing mostly SEO targeted posts.

Now, SEO is highly recommended for blog posts. However, when SEO becomes the rod by which you determine what to write about against the burdens of God per season, you won’t be running an online ministry anymore but a normal Christian blog. I was mostly writing typical feminine posts which appeals to my audience-pink, clear, soft and all. No doctrinal balances and scriptural built up. My blog lacked substance

2. The Pressure of Being Popular and Known

Another reason I quit blogging was because of the huge pressure impressed in my heart to be known and popular in my niche. You see, I was at that point where I was totally unstable and full of envy. I kept asking myself what I was doing wrong and why I wasn’t getting the necessary attention I desired.

I’d want to shift my message but I couldn’t write a lie nor write just anything. It was either I wrote the hard truth or easy truths which appeals to all men. I was on the look for accolades and men’s appreciation and forsook the first reason for which the Lord led me into blogging in the first place.

3. My Blog Posts Were Streamlined for A Particular Gender

As time went by, I discovered that more readers joined the blog but couldn’t fully receive their blessing because the posts were streamlined. I started receiving requests from young men asking me to also write to them and teach them. I teach my blogging students all the time about choosing a niche and an audience to write to. However, when the need calls for an expansion and inclusion, do not be too adamant to include the set that needs to get value and blessings.

The next request came in from new writers and bloggers who desired tutorials as well. That was when I knew the time to take the backseat had come. I needed to be taught, to learn, to think and to pray right. Meanwhile, my blog didn’t suffer the backlash because I had set it up for visibility and search engine optimization. In fact, some of my blog posts are currently ranking on Google. It almost seems like my blog was visited more even without daily content for a whole year.

4. The Pressure of Growing Traffic and Being Better

Another reason I quit blogging is the pressure. You might be wondering, what kind of pressure it is, I will tell you right away. Even though the blogging community is generally very admirable, supportive and helpful, some things can be frustrating as well. One of them is the monthly success threads and monthly goal threads.

While many blogging coaches push for checking monthly views as a motivating tool, I, on the contrary was depressed and controlled by it. You will see so many great achievements there and quite a few boasts. However, if your traffic isn’t growing as expected and you haven’t landed any sponsorships, deals and endorsements in a long while, you might get very frustrated.

5. I Enrolled in a Theological Seminary

I wanted this to come last because it was the action I took after I made the decision to step down. It all started in January 2021 with an instruction to embark on a retreat, I was struggling to hear God clearly amidst the noise and busyness. It was during the retreat; I had a strong prompt to enrol in a theological seminary for adequately equipping and teachings.

I started my blog with the sole aim of raising matured Christians built by the word and accurate doctrines, face set like flint for A Call to Faith Battle. My incapacitation was revealed to me when questions started coming but I couldn’t provide scriptural answers and teachings on them. Now, I’m not saying bible school is a must for every Faith blogger out there. It was a personal leading and I yielded to it because I actually needed that break. To teach others, you must be taught

Happy Graduation to Me!

6. I Paid For Digital Marketing Courses To Help My Blog Growth

Taking a break doesn’t mean you also take a break from learning and investing in your growth and productivity. During my stay in the seminary, I had enough time to learn some digital marketing skills to help my blog and enhance my writing. I’m a strong advocate of self-development. I preach it with my full chest. Hey! take the break you need but don’t take a break from self-investment. it will eventually pay off in the due season. You’re the light of the world not the light of your village

The Way Forward for Us

Yes! I’m back men and brethren. You know what? God does have a lot in store for us. If you take a stroll through the pages on this blog, you’ll notice some changes and improvements. We’ll now dedicate posts to answer specific faith questions, carry out more scriptural discipleship, also dedicated tutorials for writers and Christian bloggers.

Everyone in need of spiritual growth and writing guides will be carried along. If we decide that our writing community has grown, we’ll consider getting another blog.

That being said, you’re welcome to my Faith and Lifestyle blog-THIS IS A CALL TO FAITH BATTLE

You see, when it comes to faith blogging, you don’t make rational decisions because you feel that you should. Faith blogging is always different from other niches because you need to bring divine wisdom and directions into play. At some point, I had thought that I won’t be able to blog again. I felt so incapacitated but I’m glad to be blogging again.

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Why I Quit Blogging

Extra Thoughts and Advice

I’d like to address two things in this discussion before someone runs away with half-baked information. With claims of Precious told me so:

Don’t quit except it’s necessary.

Do not go far leaving your readers in a quagmire as I did. It takes time to build an audience but takes nothing to lose them all. Even if you do quit, don’t take too long

One thing I do want to emphasize is that I think many bloggers quit blogs too quickly. Not every blog will be hugely profitably or get loads of traffic like the faith blog except you to wish to litter everywhere with Google ads. I hate Google ads just in case you’re wondering. You’ll feel the terror of the blogging world. Don’t let it scare you, it should help you find out what you need to do better.

It takes time to build a profile, to get ranked by search engines and to develop an archive of useful content. Be Patient

If You Need To Quit Blogging, Do It.

It’s totally okay to quit blogging for as long as you need to regain yourself and be stable to start again. I’ve seen quite a number of bloggers over the years who feel trapped by their blogs. They realized early on that blogging wasn’t for them and that they might not have had a real passion for their desired topic. Human guilt of getting rid of something you’ve built over time just kept them trapped in a futile mission. As a result, they continued to blog for years to come despite knowing that it probably wasn’t worth doing.

Hanging in there and giving your blog time to grow is one thing. But, continuing to build a blog that you know deep down isn’t really going anywhere is probably not a wise thing.

If it comes down to this, I’d encourage a fellow blogger to consider ending their blog, selling the blog or partnering with someone to help them blog. You can do these until you find a niche you love to write about


God has been good to me within the past year. I’ve run into a few difficult times, personally but the faithfulness of God supersedes my understanding. I sincerely hope and pray that this blog continues to be a blessing to you and me. God bless you.

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