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Like Leah, Learn How To Align With God
Like Leah, Lean How To Align With God

Like Leah, Learn How To Align With God

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What can we learn from Leah on how to align with God? I’d say a whole lot of lessons, especially regarding her relationship with her sister; Racheal and husband; Jacob

You are at that crossroad of your life where nothing seems to be working anymore, the prayers, the sleepless nights and it just seems as though God is far away on a holiday right? We all have that lingering and heart-aching moment when we just want the people we love to love us right back but in the midst of the whole playing favourite and to be loved game lies a sense of discomfort and dissatisfaction knowing full well that these ones could never love us the way we do love them

They could be your father, mother, friend or even spouse, everyone has that person she just doesn’t want to hurt but don’t you think that in the middle of these whole “playing to be liked and pleasing them” that you could lose yourself. Well, that is if you have not lost yourself already

Most times, as believers we think we can boss God around or at most guilt trip into doing our own biddings. Checkmate friend! It does not work that way at all. God seeks to be in full control of everything that goes on in our way. He is our Lord and maker. Alignment with God is a serious kingdom matter because so much benefit lies in that single act of total surrender to the father

Like Leah, Lean How To Align With God

Leah Fights To Win The Approval Of Men-Learn How To Align With God

Jacob fled the town on a hot chase to avoid his brother’s aggression on him after stealing the blessing that belonged to his brother. Aided by his mother, he ran to Laban and fell in love with Rachel at first sight.
After completing seven years of work, it was time for Jacob and Rachel to be married. Laban hosted a large party to celebrate.

After the celebratory feast, Laban covered his daughter Leah, and deceivingly took her to Jacob. Jacob slept with Leah (assuming she was Rachel) and consummated his marriage. The next morning when Jacob found out that Laban tricked him, he was very upset.

Laban explains to Jacob that because of the custom in his country, he could not marry his younger daughter before the older one – and therefore was changing the terms of their agreement.

Knowing how much Jacob loved Rachel, Laban offers to give Rachel to Jacob, in return for another seven years of work. Jacob accepts the offer and marries Rachel after the week-long celebration of his marriage to Leah.

Laban thought he had succeeded in making a good bargain on his daughters, but the impact it had on Leah was devastating. Leah became Jacob’s wife through a scheme of her father, not because Jacob loved or desired her as his wife.

After being married to Jacob, it was clear that Jacob still loved Rachel much more than he loved Leah. Jacob found it hard to love Leah given the events that brought them together, and her sister Rachel disliked her for the same reason.

According to the scriptures, God saw that Leah was “unloved” by Jacob (Genesis 29:31) and opened her womb to be able to have children as consolation and comfort. Rachel, however, was barren and unable to have children.

After giving birth to her third child, Leah thought, “Now this time my husband will be attached to me because I have given him three sons.”

Each time Leah gave birth to another one of Jacob’s children, it was another reminder to her sister Rachel that she was unable to have children. The relationship between the two sisters became a constant competition; each sister fighting for the love and affections of their husband.

Do you know what Leah did differently when she gave birth to the fourth son Judah? She gave him to the Lord and that sealed an alignment of divinity. It was clear that fighting to win over was not necessary but handing over that child in appreciation to God in the midst of the love war was the better option

Most persons might read and ascribe the Lord to be unjust in his dealings with Rachael by shutting her womb and opening Leah’s instead but the Lord is wise. A child was the consolation Leah needed at that moment to keep her sanity.

Wrongly like most of us, she kept naming them after her own deep desires to be recognized by her husband as the only baby-making machine. Jacob cared less, he loved Rachael: child or not. She conceived again, and when she gave birth to a son she said, “This time I will praise the Lord.” So she named him Judah. Then she stopped having children.

Leah gave birth to seven children who all grew up to be heads of the tribes of Israel. At the end of his life, Jacob requested to be buried beside Leah, suggesting he’d come to recognize the virtue in Leah and had grown to love her as deeply as he loved Rachel.

Like Leah, Lean How To Align With God

Like Leah,Learn How To Align With God

Laban’s manipulation of his daughters caused years of discord between the two of them. Though no fault of her own, she was chosen second-best to her sister and it caused Leah a lifetime of heartache. Leah felt “less than” in her marriage, and she assumed she could earn her husband’s love by giving birth to his children.

Like Leah, we all have needs but our solution sometimes lies silently in giving it all up to the Lord and instead aligning our desires with God. Give it all up to him in total surrender though painful and hurtful knowing that in so doing, we find great fulfilment

Like Leah, Lean How To Align With God

Your Will Be Done

Jesus did share the dreams of God because his desires aligned with the Father’s. But in Gethsemane, those desires were sorely tested. Jesus endured an unfathomable agony of horrific anticipation, the agony that might have killed him had he not been destined to die on the cross. As he stared into the cup the Father was giving him to drink, the cup of propitiation, the cup of sin’s condemnation — not of Jesus’s sins, but of ours — every part of his humanity recoiled, and he found himself deeply desiring for the cup to pass from him.

Deeper still was a spiritual desire that his human desire is submitted to his Father’s desire. For Jesus trusted that the Father’s desire would result in the greatest good for the greatest glory of the triune God and the greatest joy possible for all the saints — God’s one great dream. And so, even while sweating blood in torturous expectation of his impending execution, Jesus exclaimed to the Father, “Not as I will, but as you will”

And this must be our prayer too. But unlike Jesus, sin still lingers in us — “things of man” desires to mix with “things of God” desires — which, if we are not careful, can turn our pursuit of kingdom dreams into satanic diversions. So in addition, let us pray: Whatever it takes, Lord, align my desires with yours, so that my dreams align with your purposes. Let your will be done through me

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