February 26, 2024
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It is not enough to go to church, tie a scarf that covers your ears and everything that looks like outward holiness of godly attributes. It is important to note that Life isn’t as complex and boring as we make it look. Being a Christian Girl gives you an edge over any ordinary lady and that’s why these tips would go a long way.

Tips that have drastically revolved my life

  1. Wake up earlier

I notice I’m always more productive when I wake up before 8 am and have a solid morning routine in place.

2. Volunteering:  I remember having a class on how I was able to build my self-esteem by volunteering. It may sound funny but volunteering impacts more than we can imagine and adds value to us. Volunteering starts with those little things we count as nothing.

You can volunteer to sweep your church every Sunday after service, the energy, and commitment you put in matters a lot. Even Jesus volunteered to come to earth when his father asked, who will go for us and he willingly came to die for our sins.

Through volunteering you build networks that can speak into your future, I can count friends I have met by volunteering and the role they play in my life is tremendous. You also share value, express Love (freely have you received, freely shall you give. Matthew 10;8)if God is Love, be ever ready to share love to everyone around you.

Volunteering helps your communication skills: God has given us stages, what we do with it is left to us. You find out that apart from fellowship with brethren, you are bold to talk with strangers, assist freely to the success of events and from their favour.

3. Invest Vitreous woman, you must apply the saving/investment theory in your life. We should learn not to spend on everything we see. It’s good to live healthily and looks attractive for the future husband but you must spend wisely. I use piggy bank and cowry wise. However, some invest with bitcoin, by buying shares, etc. Well, I’m not recommending 100% anyone but find a way to control your desires, you would be grateful you did.

Apart from financial investment, we can also invest in books, magazines such as Heels Magazine that has a lot for ladies, conferences (online and offline) Example is The Woman on the Frontline by Precious Oli. We might not see the effects of these investments now, till it’s time and we would be amazed at the outcome.

4. Forgive: This isn’t as easy as it looks but we have to do it anyway. Holding a grudge would weigh everything about you down and hinder a lot of progress in your life. Ask God to help you forgive even the greatest offence.

5. Embrace your Achievement: As ladies, we should learn to embrace your achievements. Whatever you do, write it down, don’t be shy to let people know you are capable in different areas. Women prefer not to receive accolades, my dear it’s not a sin. If you start this, it opens doors for more opportunities. Remind yourself of this every day: # I am remarkable

6. Plan: we must cultivate the habit of planning; this helps in giving you direction. We understand the place of the Holy Spirit to direct us, which is very important. However, writing your activities for the day, for the week or the year isn’t a bad idea after all. It reduces confusion, unfinished task, and procrastination. And the Lord answered me, “Write the vision; make it plain upon tablets, so he may run who reads it. (Habakkuk 2:2)

7. Reduce high expectations: Expectations are normal, very normal, especially as human beings but learn not to expect a lot from people. Human beings are bound to disappoint and when they do, take it easy on yourself and move on. This is gradually helping me and it reduces high blood pressure, headache, heart attack, resentment and negative things it can cause to the health. For example, your friend didn’t call you on your birthday, give an excuse for him or her and move to the next day. You necessarily do not have to revenge. It’s an exercise we would be grateful we had.

8. Smile: It takes more muscles to frown than to smile and your muscles need to relax yeah. Life may be tough, not funny, and rough but we really don’t need to look like what we see life as. You greet people frowning, you talk frowning, and the list goes on. This chases people away and makes them not relaxed around you. God gave you 32, be free to shine them, you never know the soul you would be lifting with just your pretty smile.

9. Learn from one teacher at a time: Make a rule that you only learn from one teacher at a time. There are so many books and courses out there, it can become overwhelming if you don’t regulate yourself. The way it works is that if you want to learn something, buy the book or the course, go through the entire thing, and then implement it all

10. Set one goal at a time: Instead of setting three to six goals at a time, try just setting one big goal. Going “all in” on one goal and focusing every ounce of your energy on something is awesome. It leads to crazy good results and is far more motivating. Next time you want something, immerse yourself in it. Don’t dabble in a bunch of areas. Get committed.

11. Reduce screen time (including TV): Put a rule in your life that you don’t have any screens open during certain times of the day. Example: no screens after 8 PM, including TV, computer, and phone. You can feel pretty bad after so much social media, so limiting screen time is a great way to be present instead of escaping through someone else’s life.

12. Schedule 15 minutes of alone time every day: Depending on how much is going on in your life, 15 minutes of alone, quiet time every day may seem like a lot, or it may seem like a little. Either way makes sure you have at least this much time alone where you can be with just yourself.

13. Journal for five minutes a day: Writing is one of the best ways to organize your thoughts. When anxiousness creeps into your life, write down exactly what you’re thinking for a couple of minutes. The more often you write (even for just a short time), the more you’ll get clarity about your thoughts. And clarity with your thinking is key to solving overwhelm.

Bonus for you here my love, I have prepared a free planner just for you and to help you plan your day and write notes for self-improvement to yourself. it is totally free here and available for download and use

14. Intentionally choose your relationships: So many of us are spread way too thin. Instead of spending .256 seconds with 15,000 people, try to spend more time with fewer people. Your life is only as good as the quality relationships you keep.

15. Ask yourself these two questions: When you’re making tough choices and deciding what to do in a certain situation, ask yourself…

  • What would my future self in five years decide?
  • What is the end goal I want from this?

Sometimes life seems busy or stressful because we’re sitting in confusion in our heads. Whenever I feel this way, I ask these questions, and I usually get the answer I need.

16. Use downtime for learning something new: Create a routine where you listen to podcasts or audiobooks during your downtime, like driving or getting ready for the day in the morning. This is a great way to free up other times for other things, so instead of reading a book, you can listen to it while you’re driving and free up that time you’d otherwise be reading.

17. Be clear about what your values are: Write down what your values are in the eight life categories (health, relationships, money, career, personal and spiritual development, environment, fun activities, and volunteer and service work). When you know what you want and what you believe in, decision-making and cutting things from your life is a lot easier.

18. Practice saying “no” once a day: Saying no is one of the best ways to cut things from your life. The easier it is for you to say no, the more likely you’ll actually say no. The way to get good at it is to start small and to do it often. I suggest practising saying no once a day for little things. Just do it intentionally and see how much easier it gets

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