by Precious Oli


“Where was God when I was raped?”

“Where was he when those ferocious beasts rammed into my young waist and destroyed my vagina that day, he held me tightly against the bed tied up hands and feet like an animal as they savored every breadth and depth of my young femininity”

“ Tobenna, I felt dirty and helpless, I pleaded with them as they took turns each person exploring me and trying out different techniques on me, I begged for my life, I watched my life slip through me as waves of pain gushed continuously through my thighs”

“Which God are you talking about right now?” she screamed throwing her files all over the office and hitting my bible off my hands to the ground, she spat on it and made to tear it into pieces, possibly burn them but for my intervention,i held her by the waist as we both cried for long

“I called God continuously that very day and the next day even till the moment I lost my consciousness, his name was on my lips, I guess he was too busy attending to his personal clients, he took no notice of me”

“he told me it would not hurt”

“It is just sex honey, it won’t hurt” those were their words

“Tobenna, I felt numb that day, every conscience in me died that day. Every feeling died, I became a living dead”

She spoke out of breath like one who had just fought a thousand demons and lost, she panted continuously

“you will be just fine” I cried

“Let me be, I would never be the same no more”

The incident of last night tugged her like a child at the hems of the mothers skirt, moreso, she felt uneasy and out of place

She got off the floor, her body ached all over; she sniffed, Picked up her phone and sent an Sms

“I hope you are okay”

Her empty purple bedroom stared back at her face, she hissed

Few inches away from the foot of the bed was a table and chair which doubled as her work and reading desk anytime she brought work from the office, her led lantern was still on, she must have forgotten to switch it off, her bible and journal laid open with her blue bic rolling on the table, she barely read the bible nor made any entries

On the floor were pieces of cut fabric, she brought them back from her field research, the company wanted to venture into the purchase of fabrics that the market needed, she couldn’t trust anyone with that.

Pictures of her and kaima hung across the walls; one of which was her matriculation picture where kaima tried to take her cap and run away while Miss Campbell laughed hard pointing at them, they were her best memories.

She had always been a white person but kaima who loved colors wouldn’t let her be about how white was only meant for widows and lonely people and that people who had colors in their life find love and fulfillment in life much easier.

Her sermons on colour and fashion could change anyone and cause them to give their life to colour

She could be right too, in a period of one year, she had gotten over twenty marriage proposals while Tobenna sunk into her books and content writing, they seemed like the only comfort she had

Once her sister attempted to set her up on a blind date, you wouldn’t even believe what happened that day

Kaima always teased her about how she might turn to an old maiden with her virginity just like aunt Amaka

She reached for her phone, an early morning marketing call from one of the network providers, she saw no need in subscribing to a ring back tune her callers would never bother with nor appreciate

“Marketing call” she shouted reaching for her laptop and diary, she had to put few calls across that morning for the order and purchase of new collections from the ‘Lon de Vaire’ designers collection. They had just been released few days back, she had a deadline to meet and failure to do so could cost her the new gig she just secured, every little mistake was a threat to the job she landed at miss Campbell’s clothing company after three years of passing out from the youth service.

“Yes, Campbell’s enterprise here”

“How may we help you ma” the soft feminine voice answered

“I would like to place an order for the new release of the ‘Lon de Vaire’ collection; Miss Eugene already called before hand and would like them personally delivered to her.  I am the executive director

“Yes, we are aware; the package would be sent this evening once I receive your payment”

“Already done”

“Thank you for contacting us, the delivery man would dispatch them immediately”

She heaved a sigh of relief but not the end, she was already running late for school; she was a master’s student at the federal university, she doubled t with the responsibilities at the company, each one doing seemingly well without any crisis

“Ahh what a morning” she sighed

The red stain on her pink bedspread reminded her of her August visitor

Her uterus just couldn’t wait to release the flow since the eggs never hatched

“This is obviously going to ruin my day” she muttered dragging her feet to the bathroom, she slipped on her pair of flip flops; her last gift from kaima

On her birthday, kaima had quarreled with her over the opening of gifts, friends always wondered why they bickered so much over things that meant little or nothing at all : Celebrity lifestyle, national isues, politics and the social life of others, they quarreled about everything.

One of such events was that of a man who had come down to slap a keke man who was apparently assaulting a lady passenger

kaima had insisted that the defender’ John Cena’ man as he called him was wrong, if it was a fellow man now, he would have stayed back and watched the fight

While Tobenna instead the man was a gentle man

“Just like the brothers in your fellowship, you and gentle man, exactly the reason you are still single Tobenna”

Kaima had always been a striong verbal person

‘I wish it was Saturday’ she murmured

The early morning water felt so refreshing against her bare skin as she washed off the lather off her body.

luckily she had put her natural hair in shuku hairstyle within the week so she wouldn’t have to pass through process of detangling and tucking nor combing the hair, the hair was like her valued treasure, she was always skeptical about leaving it at the mercy of some ruthless hair stylists who pulled people’s hair like no man’s business, she had only one hair stylist in Awka.

Her white crisp shirt tucked into her Ankara pencil skirt was enough to cover her nakedness, she applied a thin coat of pink lipstick and sprayed her ‘for you’ cologne

Her phone lighted up, it was Bayo

“Girl, Doc is here, hope you didn’t sleep off in the bathtub”

She smiled and grabbed her square glasses and her car key; she was in no mood to sweep the room regardless of the tiny pieces of paper that littered the floor, she couldn’t remember much

To be continued 

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