by Precious Oli

Hey jewels,

An embarrassing incident on the 1st of December at an event in Oba, eastern part of Nigeria left me with some roadside lessons. I actually realized they were actually roadside lessons few days ago.

Ever been in that situation in life where you got to a point you suddenly stop to wonder why you never said this word or that word during a particular confrontation nor acted that way or this way too but then subsequently you come across a person or similar incident which leads you to say ‘ahh I really think I handled that other event well after all’

Where am I going with all this? Just beating around the bush? What might I have to say after all?

I had been indifferent towards that very day but remembering I had missed out an event the previous day got me on my feet, it had been a stressful month and week and my body just couldn’t take it so I had fallen ill (thankfully, I received my healing almost immediately)

(I would share later a secret to divine healing and health with you all, I discovered this treasure after the lord healed me of Asthma years ago.

I had just returned back to where we had parked our truck with our client when this strange pot bellied man jumped on my case.

“This girl here has no home training at all” he was profusely angry

I was shocked out of my wits, I had never met this man before nor had an interaction with him so what could lead to this whole accusation this very sick day

More surprising was the fact that he took words out my mouth, he didn’t even let me say a single word, he went on and on about how stupid I was (luckily, the lord has indeed dealt with my heart), sincerely, there were and still are moments I ask myself if I was even human at all or if I had a heart.

Well, my reactions to confrontations and sudden quietness could make a person wonder if they spoke to a deaf person. I have actually come to that point in life where I told myself under God that nothing was capable of stealing my joy so when it demands my apology I do so and when offended by others who either fail to acknowledge their fault nor apologize, I either choose to talk to the person if given the chance or better yet let it slide to avoid unnecessary confrontations and perhaps hurtful unexpected responses. Apparently not every matter requires a confrontation just like this very one.

He went on and on about how ill mannered and stupid I was LOL, the bottom line was that he said I failed to greet able bodied men who sat by the side when I passed by to go get our client who needed to confirm her delivery and show us our setting point

In his words, he said “do you feed anyone here?”

“Are you anything? You are just a caterer who came to feed people”.

I smiled in my head “humans” and despite all he said I simply apologized in the presence of the servers there again and again till my client asked me to let him be

Was I hurt? Of cause I was, am human after all I was misjudged and my actions misinterpreted.

Before the event ended, the same man called me and apologized for all he said adding that he said them unintentionally and never meant to be harsh

I guess my response might have put him off like my friend later said to me or he could have been pricked by his conscience; the driver and servers had told me the driver told him I wasn’t like that after I had left.

I only managed to apologize again to him (I guess I have a thing for apologies) but didn’t fail to remind him that I was well raised and my actions weren’t intentional but done due to a busy mind

Funny enough my friend here just wanted to talk to a beautiful lady I guess LOL

Few days after that event, a greeting saved my life from unnecessary stress at the hospital where I went to submit a letter.

I remembered that other day and smiled “A ROADSIDE ADVICE”

I may not know about my friend but I believe I did learn one thing from that embarrassing incident and discovered a thing about myself too, am sure the servers also learnt a part of my life they might not have imbibed; staying calm in the face of confrontation especially as a Christian.

Several eyes are always on us, how would jewel behave? How would she react to this very incident? Of cause you are responsible for your own self and have a right to act the way you choose to when provoked or at anytime but just like Paul I would leave you with the verse.


Therefore, if what I eat causes my brother to stumble, I will never eat meat again, so that I will not cause him to stumble. (1 cor 8:13).

we may not like that aspect but they are called our ‘cloud of witnesses’

Every day, each events of life leave us with ROADSIDE LESSONS.

How do you act in the face of the anger?

There are ones who leave the scene; there are the aggressive ones who would rather die with you on the matter and several other persons who give different reactions too.

What roadside lessons do you think you might have learned recently?

Let me hear all about that in the comment box

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Till next time

Keep being a woman on the frontline

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Kosi December 11, 2018 - 1:59 pm

I recently experienced that too!But what keeps me going has always been a question from the Holy spirit. IF JESUS HAD BEEN IN THIS,WHAT WOULD HE HAVE DONE?We all know the answer already.

Precious Jewel December 11, 2018 - 8:41 pm

exactly dear. i think that question is just the perfect response to the heart condition at all times. hmmm what would jesus do?


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