The Preacher-Episode 3

by Precious Oli

Simon knotted his tie tightly around his neck as if to sever his breath a while, he buttoned up the last button on his shirt. Peter walked up to him just waking up from sleep

“Guy, you wan kill yourself?”  Laughing, Peter loosened the tie a little

Simon heaved a sigh of relief like a man relieved of a heavy bag of sand on his shoulders

“You have so many knots in your veins” Peter massaged his shoulders.

“Your hands still work wonders Piro “

Peter worked briefly at a massage parlor before he met Christ. His past is the exact story of the prodigal son who stayed afar off the father. He lived deep caught in sin and immorality having several sugar mummies and concubines.

Simon was drawn to him through his story; the first time he shared them as a life testimony in fellowship to encourage others who thought their lives were worthless and that they were not usable vessels

In Peter’s words, he had put it strongly almost in tears “Jesus died so you can be free from your guilt and approach him freely, his death will remain ridiculed and of no essence if you keep blaming yourself and reaching out for your past”

Simon wished those words could save him from this impending danger that lurked around his faith but more than that he desired to share his predicament with inquisitive Peter who stared at his face through his shoulders as if trying to read his facial emotions.

If there was one undeniable gift Peter had it was the ability to read people’s emotions. He was blessed with the gift of word of knowledge and discernment.

“You know I can read you right?” Peter said immediately confirming Simon’s fears. His sins would soon be figured out and laid in the open

Do you want to talk about it? Peter asked this time holding Simon’s hand and scanning his face for answers.

Simon’s fake smile was highly ineffective on Peter “it’s nothing”

“Well I need you to understand that God sees the truth and knows all things” Peter patted him gently walking into the bathroom

“I wish it was that easy” Simon didn’t know when he blurted out but soon covered it with a faint smile

He rolled his tongue and eyes simultaneously in search of the right words  to communicate his present situation to Peter that he had been summoned by the committee at the secretariat but decided finally to keep quiet and allow Peter go for his meeting

The slightest chance was made for him when Peter walked into the bathroom, Opening the front door quietly, he peered out and listened. No movement, no voices. Peter’s slippers shuffled on the bathroom floor. He hummed loudly to a familiar hymn “Jesus keep me near the cross”

Simon quickly took up his backpack and made for the door, he slipped out quickly and closed the door behind him.  He ran like a man who had been placed on a hot chase. He didn’t want Peter to know they were headed same location as that would finally satisfy Peter’s curiosity

It was still an hour early before the time given to him for his meeting with the council but it was better for him to get out of the room faster and perhaps hang around his favorite restaurant. Besides, his breakfast barely digested so he figured he could also take coffee to stay sober; the query might take the full day, he was sure of that.

He barely started the morning but already feels depressed and bushed

Everyone understands two things in the campus fellowship.  The moment the council summons you as a leader; it can only be for two reasons: appreciation and commendation.

As Simon started to address the questions thrown at him by the council, a wave of weakness hit him. Their faces became blurred as the sharp pain in his heart increased.

The answer to the last question stuck to his throat, His face turned red like one who had just swallowed a chunk of bone in a hurry.

“We are still waiting for your answers Bro Simon” Elder Sharon tapped his pen stealthily on the table.

The mockery of that title on their lips stabbed his heart. He rubbed his chest and shook his head vigorously to hold back the tears that quickly gathered at the corner of his eyes

“Please help me” he wished the questions would stop coming.

Simon stood still for a minute, waiting for the odd sensation to pass. It hit him again when he headed for the door. Staggering, he went down on one knee.

He smacked his fist on the concrete and kept his head down with blood stained hands hanging down. He barely took notice of the pain he felt. The only sound loud enough was the bizarre beat of his heart; it struggled to hold up within the fibers of its compartments

The spell passed. Simon stood up slowly. He needed Silence and rest. A full rest

He stood over the bridge and looked down through the eerie sight wondering if it could accept his body and whether he could fit into its arms just the same way others slept in. He imagined how cold the water was and shuddered

The phone’s ring pierced the silence, and Simon’s heart rose to her throat. He shifted his gaze to the screen. Someone needed to be aware of the location of his corpse at least. When he said hello, his voice sounded breathless and strained.


His pulse skipped, hearing his name. Like echoes across a canyon, the familiar voice reverberated through the line.

“It’s me. Don’t do it Please”

He scrunched his face in surprise, clutched his chest to calm the thudding that felt as if it would break his ribs.

“I just can’t deal with this” Tears filled his eyes-—tears of relief and anxiety.

“You don’t have to, blessed are they who cast their hope at the feet of the master,” His voice as reassuring as a morning cup of tea

Not even God can stop him especially when he needed answers to those questions the council asked him.

“Piro, I am sorry”

“Simon…..” The River made a thump sound and the line went dead

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