by Precious Oli

Simon woke up with a throbbing sensation in his stomach; his bed had become all wet yet again.

He was covered in sweat and panged like a pregnant woman in serious labour despite the fact that he slept under the air conditioner. He knew it had to do with the incident of last night but he never imagined that his prayers could not stop the incident from repeating itself again.

“Oh lord, not again” he cried with his head in his palms

The giant Roman Catholic bell clock that woke him up every morning was yet to ring but his eyes were already wide awake and glistening, he turned to the other side of the bed and hissed again before reaching for his big study bible.

His phone had been blaring; he used one of those big phones with loud speaker. They could literally serve as home theatre speaker except their sizes were modified and their functionality skills had been limited and compressed

He stared at his phone for long, it was an unknown number. Goose pimples ran over him. He made a sign of the cross before picking the call. The recent happenings had made him delusional

“Pastor Sir” the female voice at the other end spoke

“Who is this?” he whispered

“I am sorry for calling you this early sir, I am your secretary Rita” she replied

“Oh Rita, what is it?”

“Sir, to remind you of the church committee meeting by 10am today”

“Thank you Rita” he said before the line went dead

He had asked Rita to call him up in the morning; the doctor diagnosed him of temporary amnesia, which made him forget appointments by the next morning

Simon skimmed through the pages of the bible trying hard to read at least one verse for his charge that morning to no avail. His cheeks caved in giving way to a frown and thick lines on his forehead; death was coming sooner than he expected

 The nightmares did not start that morning. They did not start that month. They started way back that day he played the voice record

It all started on campus in his second year in the university. He had just been named the fellowship campus pastor, a position many capable hands campaigned to occupy because of the numerous benefits that came with it. A secretariat housing built by the fellowship which houses the president, sister’s coordinator and secretary. Sometimes one or two brethren who had accommodation issues.

That was the least of the privileges. Other privileges and perks of being a fellowship president was a special seat with bottle water provided by the side, I mean who would not want to sip water while the preaching is on coupled with the most benefit of all, food, visitations and respect accompanied by such titles as papa and daddy G.O . You can trust students to be creative with titles

Simon had a charisma and aura about him, the type that gets anyone trembling except for Sister Agnes who has refused to address him with much adoration or worship him like others did. It did not matter much to her, he was a human being like herself and she was not the friendly and outgoing type which endeared the heart of Simon who was not title hungry, he just loves God and was still humble despite the adoration of many.

Simon had just been named fellowship president when the devil came knocking and this time she wore Prada, a mistake he regretted ever making

The school had gone on break and he decided to stay back to seek the lord’s face for the next semester. As enticing as the seat of a fellowship president appealed to others, it was a great burden for Simon. The zeal of the lord’s house consumed him

He barely ate as he was always on fast and prayers. He keeps pushing on and on panging for the revival he had heard of from the lord

That night he was given the mantle of leadership, he heard the lord audibly for the third time in his Christian walk, and it was like a gentle breeze and sound of a calm river that could send one asleep. That voice set him up on his seat and helped him write his visions for the next one year

“That which destroys men will never pull you down, that which destroys giants”

He was about to lock up his room when he heard a bang on the door. it had been six weeks since students went on vacation except the final year students who still had to defend their projects, he stayed back for a whole different reason altogether. His parents would never allow him leave the house once he came home. They were the typical strict parents who believe that a student should not loiter around with the excuse of church programs or any other events.

They would rather that he followed them to the company. His father was an oil lord. He owned one of the biggest oil companies in Lagos

The bang on the door came the second and third time before he decided to open the door

“Ahhh papa, am sorry to bother you sir” it was Esther, one of the year one students yet to settle their accommodation issues and as such was housed in the fellowship secretariat

“Not a problem dear, hope no problem”

“Not at all sir, I suddenly had a need to come pick up my books”

“ oh! Books. That’s okay” he said entering the kitchen aimlessly

Esther excused herself to collect her books from her room while he waited around to close the door again to avoid distractions

“Papa, please come quickly” Esther screamed

He ran to her room thinking something happened to her

He barged into the room in full speed to meet a naked Esther

“Jesus” he shouted before turning his back to the wall, he took a step to run away from the room before he felt a hand on his waist

Esther held him tight

“Please, just turn around and look at me” she pleaded in a seductive tone

His whole body vibrated and caved in

“Lord Jesus please save me” he cried

“I won’t tell anybody” she pleaded gain

“Esther let go of me, I don’t want to hurt you by what am about to do now”

“Papa pleaseee,I don’t care at all, jus… “

She barely finished her statement when Simon nudged her with his ankle and bolted out through the door abandoning his slippers in her room

He ran back to his room banged the door with a lock and tired to catch his breath

“Lord Jesus, please have mercy” he cried for hours on his knees

It was few hours later that he heard Esther’s voice by the door

“Please forgive me” she begged

“I have forgiven you already, just leave the house” he said through the locked door. He feared opening the door again or even seeing her face

“I am sorry” she said before leaving finally

He was about to go back to his prayers when his phone rang, he had forgotten to put it in airplane mode as usual

It was the fellowship national director

“Hello sir”

“Hello Simon, how do you do?”

“How do you do too sir?”

“Am sorry to say that I am greatly disappointed in you”

“I don’t understand sir” he tried to scan his head for any previous incidents to no avail. To the best of his knowledge he had a clean record.

“Simon, the national disciplinary committee demands your presence, a sexual report was made against you. I hope you have enough explanations for this”

Simon hung on to the phone transfixed, tears dropped down his cheeks, first Esther trying to assault him and now this?

He was still in that shock bound position when a message came in; it was an audio from the national director Mr. Gbenga

“This is the evidence of your atrocity Simon, you have a hearing next week Friday”

His hands vibrated as he held his phone in his hands, he pressed the play button and the voice record started:

“How can you be stupid to get pregnant” it was his own voice



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Nwokolo Chudy April 13, 2019 - 7:31 pm

This is a good one and the suspense was sustained… waiting for Episode 2 more grace to uuuuuu

Precious Jewel April 16, 2019 - 7:34 pm

Thank you Bro,episode is coming soon

Comfort April 16, 2019 - 6:40 pm

Am in love with you and this write up. Your creativity is something else. More grace dear and of course am waiting for the next episode

Precious Jewel April 16, 2019 - 7:32 pm

Thank you dear. episode two is coming soon


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