December 5, 2023
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Hey, but that is the absolute truth. There is definitely nothing wrong with sex. When God created Adam and Eve, he asked them to “Go into the world, be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth and subdue it”. How elsewhere were they going to do so if they don’t know themselves? Abi, do babies fall from the sky these days?
Don’t blame me for asking fam. anything can happen in our current dispensation where we now have transgender and you wouldn’t even know they were same-sex with you. I mean you could literally walk to a fellow guy to woe the supposed “her”. Perhaps, babies too might have started falling from the sky without the normal nature and process of sex
I always wonder why we never talk about sex in our churches and youth gathering, even when relationship talks are ongoing, they just rally round the subject and speak mightily on the matter of waiting till marriage but never really tell us what we should expect later in the day. It may seem like this post is about to glorify and magnify sex but you are so wrong if you stop here and walk away without waiting to read the final verdict.  Nigerians never read and just help you conclude your article.
There is nothing to be shy and ashamed about, this sex thing is everywhere. If you look online and on TV, you’ll find many adverts have a theme of sexuality to them in order to get products or services sold. Pictures of naked girls on billboards of tomato paste and toothpaste even engine oil and sometimes I do wonder if those girls are advertising the product or selling their body and smile but you know what? That is what the audience wants to see and the content creators give it right back to them just to get the dollars coming. Not to talk of movies or TV series that has scenes of intense kissing and passionate scenes of lovemaking.
Growing up, ahh! My parents never allowed us to watch movies with them and even as adults before the Holy Spirit started to teach me on why I should not watch romantic movies, she would always hold the remote in one hand and immediately fast forward any rubbish scene with dangerous smooching and cuddles. So you see? Sex actually sells
If you don’t know what I am talking about or if just came out of a cave: you can close this post right here. Hehe. But you and I know the REAL truth, and it’s unavoidable, there’s a sexual vibe around us. Even if you act like you are not interested, which is okay, especially if you are single. There are all these reminders around.
It could be your colleagues at the office or course mates dropping those sexual updates of their body count or what they did to the other person in bed the other day. Not to talk of the songs that sound so sexual, like some artists are clearly trying to sing sex. Whether you want to hear their gossip, lyrics or not, your sensory nerves do not select information and sometimes you just have to walk away to save yourself
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Pornography sites according to statistics have the highest page views per day and these guys are making bloody money by showing you sex positions that you know are very unrealistic and your spouse may never concede to, you should understand that they are actors and are only selling their market
Beloved, what do you do with those sexual urge repressed inside you?
These feelings are natural and we didn’t plant them by ourselves. God made these hormones and we know what they need. We also know that it could turn one’s head upside down. The things we see around us are external triggers for what we already have inside. And if no one is going to get real with you about this, you can trust that I will.
Now, we can only be having this discussion if you are not sleeping around or oh well, maybe you are and you know it is wrong and you want to stop. You may feel like a tank waiting to explode and that’s why you’ve been moving from bed to bed. Or maybe you gave up on love too. Your situation may be that you have never experienced control, and you don’t even know what it’s like.
I want you to know that the sexual urges that you feel are totally okay and normal. You are not a child anymore for heaven’s sake. What did you expect was going to happen to you as you grew older? For the sexual vibes to die down?
 You may have made that prayer for these emotions and urges to die and just go away. I also did but they will never go away even if you drink 20 liters of anointed oil or soak yourself in the blood of Jesus. I feel this way too and anyone who says they’ve never felt this way before is either lying or has a special grace from above (which obviously is very uncommon).
Of course, the easiest advice will be for you to get married. I wish I could tell you and lie to your face that marriage solves the sexual urges or reduces it but hell no it does not. Where do we place these married folks that are out of their matrimonial beds and are sleeping around? They still have these urges too
Beloved, do you speak to God concerning your sexual urges?
Eeeeh, don’t get all spiritual on God right now, we are not allowing that. I too recall how I scrunched my nose in surprise when my roomie taught me to talk to God about my emotions.  You are probably thinking to yourself “I have never used the word ‘sex‘in prayer or discussion with God before”. All the over-spiritual folks that are saying they want to sanctify their sex before sexing it, abeg shift. We are talking real stuff here.
God is the creator of sex, so he knows every single detail about it, more than you will ever do. So being shy to talk about it with Him is like being shy about explaining a feature of the apple to the manufacturer. Well, He made it. If you probably did deeper research you’ll find out that you don’t know enough
So there’s nothing bad saying this when next you feel that crazy urge in you:
Lord, I really feel like having sex right now. You won’t believe it but it’s actually crazy.
All these hormones you put in me want a sexual expression and release. I really don’t want to sin, please help me keep it under control.
Please make those plans for me to have a right setting to let all this out (Marriage) come to pass because I love you and I really don’t want to hurt you by sinning against you. But until then I will do your will
I bet you have most likely never prayed a prayer like that before. Well, there is a first time for everything.
Depending on the situation, the prayer could even be like:
“Daddy, with the way things are going with Dapo, I am getting scared. I feel like I have let my guard down and he is creeping in on me. Please help my thoughts, the way I see him is in such a sexual manner. We are not meant to be alone, but whenever we are, my imaginations run wild. I need the strength to bring up my boundaries again, and to stay away from him. I feel like it could hurt his feelings because he really likes me, but I need to do what is right, or else I’ll do what I won’t be proud of
Prayers like this are allowed my people, get God on the scene! Talk it out!
While on this matter, let me be bold enough to ask you this million-dollar question Do you think it’s wise to talk about sex in your courtship period?
 Now that we know what we have—Jesus, this great High Priest with ready access to God—let’s not let it slip through our fingers. We don’t have a priest who is out of touch with our reality. He’s been through weakness and testing, experienced it all—all but the sin. So let’s walk right up to him and get what he is so ready to give. Take the mercy, accept the help.
Heb 4:14-16 (MSG)
Remember when Paul had a thorn in his flesh and he asked God to take it away?, God said: “My grace is sufficient for you.” That grace is not one that disappoints you; it actually strengthens you and shields you from your weakness. Don’t run away from God in these moments.
If you listen to some of my conversations with God, you won’t believe it. Some real raw conversations fam. Get real with your God! He understands, and He will make a way for you. Addictions, repetitive mistakes, inability to control and put under these triggers that get you hooked sexually cease today! From now, you’ll experience freedom.
Get strength from God’s word and in the place of prayer. There is surely a way out. This is worth a try don’t you think? It would be surely worth your while.
I will appreciate a comment from you too on what you think or would love to add. It could also be what has worked for you. Please share with people around you too, they need this.

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